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Democratic spin and lopsided journalism

February 16th, 2010

When Indiana Senator Evan Bayh announced that he would not seek re-election, he left Indiana Democrats in a bit of a lurch.

Bayh’s surprise announcement provided the news peg for a related story on the efforts of Bloomington political hopeful, Tamyra D’Ippolito, to secure enough signatures to make sure her name appears on the May primary ballot.

This story, which aired on WFIU hours after Bayh made his announcement, quoted an email message from D’Ippolito’s campaign that claimed state Democrats have been “thwarting” her efforts.

In a typical instance of “false balance” WFIU reporter Stan Jastrzebski then gets comment from Putnam County Democratic Chairman Dave Bohmer.

Bohmer’s comments are completely disingenuous, suggesting that D’Ippolito isn’t doing herself any favors by taking issue with the nonchalance of state Democrats.

What’s more, Bohmer goes on to describe D’Ippolito in condescending tones, referring to the Bloomington restaurant owner as a “political neophyte.”

What Jastrzebski’s report fails to do is to have Bohmer address D’Ippolito’s charge. Rather than dispute claims that the state Democrats stiff armed  D’Ippolito’s efforts to get on the primary ballot, Bohmer puts the political newcomer in her place. Period.

Without putting too fine a point on it, not once did the Putnam County Democratic Chairman address the substance of D’Ippolito’s charge.

Small wonder, then, that the Democratic Party is such a dismal failure these days. They’d rather engage in a pissing contest with a potential candidate than develop a coherent strategy that might help them keep Bayh’s seat for the Democrats.

The media, in this case public broadcasting, serves as an “enabler” to this dysfunctional political system.

  1. February 18th, 2010 at 09:52 | #1

    Hi Kevin –

    Stan Jastrzebski (DPU ’03) here. Thanks for the pingback. I have just one question: You know political parties aren’t *required* to support *anyone* they don’t want to (even those in their own party), right? Couldn’t it be seen that Democrats, knowing it’s a difficult election year and Bayh is a favorite to win, want to strengthen his candidacy by focusing their energies on him and not on insurgents from within the party? Just food for thought.


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